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Christiana Roberts

Prisim Light Traveller by Eternal Tapesty

Recorded in 2008 at Tapestry Space and released early 2005 on the stellar label Three Lobed Recording, Palace of the Night Skies is the relentless and ensnaring LP from Eternal Tapesty. 

The core of the album resonates with a 1970’s feel yet manages to maintain a modern tone. Free guitar and layered ambient sound associated with experimental, kraut rock and drone wraps itself around sonant vocals buried deep into the undulating grinding psychedelic overtones of each track. This is not at all surprising when you consider the linage of this band, formed in 2005 when Nick Bindeman and Dewey Mahood came together after discovering a mutual appreciation of bands like Neu! Both of these original band members are involved in other projects with have in turn had a profound effect on the sound of Eternal Tapestry.

Nick is about to release an album with an album on Troubleman Unlimited as Tunnels which sees him exploring minimal synth music. He also plays guitar in the psychedelic/experimental group Jackie-O Motherfucker, which is somewhat darker and more chaotic. What makes the sound of this band so interesting is probably something to do with how different these core members of the group are in their individual projects. While JOMF is quite heavy, as is Eternal Tapestry at times, Dewey has been recording solo bliss out music essentially a fusion of shoegaze with ambient rock as Plankton Wat since 2002 (NB: thoroughly recommend you take a listen to his latest album released in February of this year, In Magical Light released on the Reverb Worship label). Additionally he explores the outer realms of minimal mellow dub as Edibles. Basically its your ultimate summer minimal soundtrack, although you do glean hints of more psychedelic influences creeping in on the pared back dub sound. 

In the summer of 2006, Nick’s younger brother Jed moved to Portland, Oregon and joined the band shortly afterwards. Ryan Carlile joined the band on saxophone and synth in 2009 and Krag Likins recently joined the band as bassist which completes the current line up to date.

While each member is gregarious and hyper-creative in their individualistic ways, they come together to create long stretches of undulating melodic guitar improvisations, dark brooding songs that slowly build and expand to allow layers of light to pierce the calignosity. 

Defiantly an album to be played from start to finish in its entirety, this album will take you way out before enticing you back in.